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21 Jan 1999                                                                                           The truth IS out there.

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from L. Reichard White

Do you like the "A-ha!" experience?

"Kenneth Berry, president of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians and head of PREEMPT, a counter-terrorism group based in Wellsville, N.Y., said military experts believe that a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city using a biological weapon is likely within five years." -Clinton sees little anthrax threat to civilians, By Steven Findlay, USA TODAY, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1997, pg8A

If for any reason you're worried that your pet may be subject to a biological attack -- or an outbreak of natural origin -- you can stock up on antibiotics available from veterinary supply companies. I understand BUT DON'T KNOW FOR SURE, that the veterinary supplies are equivalent to those prescribed for humans. To save your pet from such an event, YOU WOULD HAVE TO KNOW, OBVIOUSLY, HOW TO DIAGNOSE THE DISEASE AND HOW TO USE THE ANTIBIOTICS CORRECTLY.

For a preliminary idea of what to do for your pet (especially if he or she is human) should your pet be exposed, check out the manual by Larry Wayne Harris, the guy who created a furor over anthrax in Las Vegas in Feb. of last year:

Larry Wayne Harris R.M., A CIVIL DEFENSE MANUAL, Edited / condensed by: Richard L. Finke e-mail: ricfinke@greenapple.com

[I have no financial interest or other ties to the above. -LRW]

You might want to check out veterinary supply mail-order such as:

Drs. Foster & Smith Inc. 2253 Air Park Road P.O. Box 100 Rhinelander, WI 54501-0100 TOLL FREE 1-800-826-7206

[Excerpts from catalog:]

The following are available for your pets without a prescription:

Injectable: Penicillin (for gram positive bacterial infections) $12.99 for 100ml bottle, etc.

Vitamin B Complex (promotes recovery & appetite stimulant) $2.99 for 100ml bottle.

Veterinary Strength Epinephrine (for emergency anaphylactoid reactions that may occur following administration of medications, inoculations, etc.) 10ml-1/1000 dilution for $9.99

[Syringes for injecting your pet are also available from this catalog. -LRW]

For fish tanks without prescription (a few examples): Ampicillin: 100 caps. (250mg) for $15.99

Tetracycline: 100 caps. (250mg) $8.99 Amoxicillin: 100 caps. (250mg) $16.99

There are also other drugs available in this catalog if you get a prescription from your vet. -LRW

[I know nothing about this company and have no financial or other connection to it -- my wife just got the catalog, unsolicited, in the mail. -LRW]

- ~"America will continue to be a target for terrorism as long as it continues to play its current role in the world." -President Bill Clinton, in weekly radio address, reported on MSNBC, 8 Aug 1998 ~11:01

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