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Oct. 7, 2004 The truth IS out there.

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from L. Reichard White

Do you like the "A-ha!" experience?

There is a new feature here at NN: -- REFERENCE PAGES. The first of these contains some quite surprising quotes involving secession. -September 6, 2004

It's the voting season. Should you? -October 7, 2004

Do you believe in Echelon and/or Carnivore? Have you even heard of them? Well, you don't have to to realize that through CALEA the Federals can listen to your phone conversations anytime they decide to. If you like that idea, skip the rest of this paragraph. Otherwise you might want to learn a bit more about how "your" government spys on "we the people" and how to stop them dead in their tracks, at least from listening to you! AND how to make free high quality phone calls to anywhere in the world as well -- all you have to do is to Skype OUT! -August 30, 2004

Was there anything odd about the 9-11 attacks? FDR knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming ahead of time but didn't tell -- even the History Channel says so. How about Operation Northwoods? Are there any unifying themes? Could it all be part of The PLAN? -February 9, 2004, 08:22:37

Are we still the good guys? Would our ancestors approve of what their posterity has become? Is this What We Have Come To?? -June 1, 2002

We have freedom of speech. Right? And according to G.W. Bush, they have it in Baghdad now too - - - but do they? Do we?? And certainly, since we have lost over 500 soldiers and as many as 30,000 Iraqis in Operation Iraqi Freedom, surely freedom of speech -- along with others -- must be important enough To Die For? -November 20, 2003

If you're familiar with "The BIG One" series, this is the latest. The Achilles heel of the American system is, you guessed it - - - or did you? It's The BIG One VI: The Dollar -October 17, 2003, 00:00:00

The establishment has it's problems, but at least it has our best interests at heart. Doesn't it? Well, at least it's competent. Isn't it? As a stirling example of just how competent, see Your Secure Retirement. -August 31, 2003, 06:58:23

Not to be discouraged by the 9-11 attacks, the Bush Administration has been thinking "outside the box," developing Creative Uses for 9-11. Are you sure you want to know? -June 30, 2002, 16:26:21

For freedom-oriented people, this is by far the most dangerous period in American history. A lot more is involved here than just terrorism, anthrax, bombing Afghanistan, and "America's New War." What's the economic connection? Find out what may really be happening in The BIGGEST One.

They're after our guns despite the second amendment, but free speech isn't in any danger. Is it? The historical record -- and current actions and statements from the government put Attacks on Free Speech in Context . -February 9, 2002, 01:12:16

Et tu, MTV? Super-star linguist and anti-war activist Noam Chomsky makes a surprising claim. MTV proves him right. There are thriving libertarian alterntives. Know what they are? August 29, 2001

According to Pulitizer Prize winning historian Johnathan Toland, FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor before it happened and perhaps even instigated it. Could this have become American SOP [Standard Operating Proceedure]? May 28, 2001

Why Does Central Planning ALWAYS Fail? Do you know? See if Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Economic Nobel Prize winner F.A. Hayek - - - and Congress - - - agree with you. May 1, 2001

Do you understand "jurisdiction?" It's a key freedom concept and, believe it or not, quite surprising. Read through the clips in JURISDICTION 001 and you'll understand more about jurisdiction than most lawyers. And you'll understand the dilema the internet poses for governments.

Ever wonder how and why the super-rich avoid paying taxes? Despite attempts to keep it out of the paper, every once in awhile you'll see an article buried on Page 10 reporting that the Rockefellers or Kennedys paid somewhat less than $100 in income taxes. But it's actually worse than that. Discover One Way the Rich Stay Richer.

GOLDEN OLDIES just added to site:

NEW: Did you know that despite modern automation, etc. Americans are working longer hours these days? Do you know why? Apparently neither did Federal Reserve Chair Allen Greenspan. But, Well, DUH!!!, it's obvious!

Who are the surprising other prominent people, besides Serbia's President, Slobodan Milosevic, who are accused of "war crimes" and violating international law in the NATO action in Yougoslavia? It's A Question of Justice .

Should anyone have been surprised that a "terrorist attack in a major U.S. city" occured? Why not? Should we be surprised if a worse kind of attack occurs? Check Truth AND Consequences to see.

Ever feel you've been had by the corporate-media-government-military-industrial complex? Curious how they do it? One of their favorite techniques is to GAG DEMONIZE & DESTROY.

Aside from the fact that central planning is inferior (see Why Does Central Planning ALWAYS Fail?) there are also some halacious Unintended Consequences of Central Planning

Surprised at the anthrax attacks and talk of smallpox and other biological and chemical attacks? Not if you were reading your NN: in 1997 and 1998. Some of the information is still relevant -- and adds prespective to the currently developing situation. How far will they go? Who are some of the suspects and why are they doing this? Check out Bio-hazard , Bio-hazard II , and Biohazard III + What can you do to protect your "pets" from all this? Well, you might be surprised what else you can save -- see Save-a-Pet -ADDED October 28, 2001

The BIG-One series of NEXIALIST N+E+W+S posts, which started with the so-called "Asian Contagion" beginning in 1997. If you'll recall, the "Asian Contagion" was the series of "currency crises" that swept the world, beginning with Thailand, So. Korea, etc. and extended to Russia and South America. But that wasn't the beginning of it -- the earlier Mexican peso crisis was an earlier symptom. Nor was the "Asian Contagion" the end of it either. This is a growing series as I dig out the older ones dealing with the "Contagion." You can follow them from The BIG One! MASTER Menu , or you can check them out from the following list (if I keep it up to date.)

If they did THIS . . .

The BIG-One III: The Mercantalist Menace

The BIG-One IV (update)

The BIG-One: Ultimate Outcome


Costs of Abandoning the Gold Standard

Blowing Bubbles February 10, 2002, 23:12:59

The BIG One VI: The Dollar -October 17, 2003, 00:00:00

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