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August 12, 1998                                                                                        The truth IS out there.

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from L. Reichard White

Do you like the "A-ha!" experience? TRUTH

...The U.S. has, in fact, taken on THE ROLE OF WORLD POLICEMAN-- -Nils Morten Udgaard, "Aftenposten" Oslo, Feb. 21, 1998 *1, emphasis added
.... President Bill Clinton, defending himself politically and legally at home, now has to prove that he is still "THE POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD." --"Ha'aretz", Tel Aviv, June 1, 1998. *2, emphasis added
- ~"America will continue to be a target for terrorism as long as it continues to play its current role in the world." -President Bill Clinton, in weekly radio address, reported on MSNBC, 8 Aug 1998 ~11:01
The United States, a self-appointed POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD, has made observations like "duplicity" and "deliberate falsehood." These smack of unbridled power ....The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is discriminatory [in allowing] club members to retain the bomb and nuclear weapons. The Third World is not any country's vassal. America has not yet realized that the days of imperialism are over. --"Katmandu Post", June 1, 1998. *2, emphasis added
The two superpowers were not morally equivalent. But--and this is crucial-- the validity of that point depended much less on the exceptional virtue of the United States than it did on the exceptional vileness of the totalitarian [Soviet Union]. ...Yet [the U.S.] continues to insist on applying different standards to itself and others. ...Such application of double standards is bound to store up trouble in the form of cumulative resentment and declining credibility. It is especially incompatible with the claim that the U.S. should be the principal rule setter. CREDIBLE RULE SETTERS MUST THEMSELVES RESPECT THE RULES. -Owen Harries, "Australian Financial Review", Sydney, April 8, 1998 *3, emphasis added


- ~"There are so many threats every day against US facilities, that it's difficult to determine which threats are credible and which are not." -MSNBC, 7 Aug 1998, ~11:10:02 AM EDT
- Two bombs explode, nearly simultaneously, outside the US Embassies in both Tanzania and Kenya. -7 Aug 1998
// The FBI, which has begun to review its list of 200,000 suspects and more than 3,000 terrorist organisations, will want urgent answers to two key questions. How were the bombs constructed and set off? Do their construction and method of deployment indicate the involvement of any one group? -London Sunday Times, August 9, 1998
- Jailed Egyptian Islamic fundamentalists chant, "We will die for the glory of God." -NWI, 18 Nov 1997 2:31:26 PM EST
- Thousands of Iranians celebrate "Death To America" day. -NWI, 11-04-97
A Pakistani, Ramsey Yousef, convicted of the World Trade Center Bombing and sentenced to life in prison --- in solitary confinement --- says he's proud to be a terrorist [especially against the United States and Israel]. -CNN Burden of Proof, 8 Jan 1998, ~8:47:50 PM EST
The Saudi billionaire, Osama bin Laden, declares Jihad against the US Military and the US Government. He's rich, has thousands of supporters, and their numbers are growing. -CNN Impact, 10 Aug, 1997
- Most governments and other terrorist groups no longer make the distinction between the government of the country they attack and the people living in that country. -A NEXIALIST N+E+W+S reprise, LRW
- An anti-terrorism expert claims two out of three terrorist attacks succeed. -MSNBC, 7 Aug 1998, ~11:40:24 AM EDT
- ~"When you agree to serve the United States, you take significant risks." -Newt Gingrich, MSNBC, 7 Aug 1998, ~11:53:29 AM EDT
// The ready availability of what are essentially "fundamentalist mercenaries" illustrates the difficulty in tracing modern terrorists. Whereas in the 1980s most international terrorism was state-sponsored, today it is more likely to be mounted by groups with members around the world, or even individuals loosely united by their extremist Islamic views. -London Sunday Times, August 9, 1998
// NEW YORK -- At this moment, militant Islamic groups labeled by the State Department as terrorsit organizations--Hezbollah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others--operate quietly within U.S. borders from New York to San Diego. "A lot of these groups now have the support infrastructure in the United States to attack us here if they choose to." ... The United States--seen as the Great Satan by many Islamic radicals--has become a key part of their terrorist network. -Terrorists Strong Enough to Attack U.S., by Richard Cole, Associated Press Writer, Tulsa World, May 25. 1997
"While its effects would be the most destructive, a nuclear incident is actually the least likely scenario, according to security experts. More likely, they say, would be a biological weapon attack" -"Terrorism's Next Wave," US News & World Report, Nov. 17, 1997, pg.28
WASHINGTON -- Historically focused on major wars, the Pentagon should pay more attention to emerging threats such as hit-and-run biological attacks on American cities, a congressionally chartered panel has concluded. ...Among the report's other conclusions: --The Army National Guard's role should be refocused. One possibility would be to develop an expertise in responding to domestic crises such as limited attacks with chemical or biological weapons. -Panel recommends homeland defense. Risk of attack on U.S. cities cited, Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun/Saturday, November 29, 1997
"Kenneth Berry, president of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians...said military experts believe that a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city using a biological weapon is likely within five years." -Clinton sees little anthrax threat to civilians, By Steven Findlay, USA TODAY, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1997, pg. 8A
"You'll recall that Secretary of Defense Cohen some months ago during the last phase of the crisis with Iraq had showed that a five pound bag of anthrax, comparable to a five pound bag of sugar, as he mentioned yesterday, could wipe out half the population of Colombus, Ohio." -Brian Jenkins, CNN Live, 19 Feb 1998, 2:06pm
"You can imagine a biological attack on a big city. You could easily imagine maybe 50,000 people exposed to the biological weapon. Anthrax can be cured with an antibiotic. But to cure 50,000 people would take approximately three tons of antibiotic. There isn't three tons of antibiotics stored anywhere in the united States. There's no leadership, and there's no plan for how to deal with this." -Richard Preston, CNN Burden of Proof, 20 Feb 1998, ~4:30:15 PM EST
"Now the mayor [Rudy Giuliani] had spoken earlier on the generel threat of terrorism saying, 'Short of closing down America and closing down the city of New York, it would be impossible to entirely prevent terrorism.' He added that, 'It's impossible to have a police officer every place. That would be unrealistic and it would change the nature of a free society.'" -Brian Jenkins, CNN Live, 19 Feb 1998, 2:04pm
...The U.S. has, in fact, taken on the role of WORLD POLICEMAN-- -Nils Morten Udgaard [reprise]
- ~"America will continue to be a target for terrorism as long as it continues to play its current role in the world." -President Bill Clinton [reprise]
- ~"There is no way to stop a dedicated terrorist who is willing to pay the price." -Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf, Ret., -MSNBC, 8 Aug 1998, ~11:04:34 AM EDT
- Unknown bomber(s) explode a bomb near Wall Street, blowing the front windows out of a building during a nearby police anti-terrorist exercize. -CNN HLN, 11-09-97, ~4:08pm EST
"If Americans wish to avoid the fate of other subjugated populations who suffer the consequences of the actions of their oppressor governments -- essentially what happened to at least 200,000 Iraqis as a result of the Gulf so-called War -- they had better rid themselves of that rabid Washington cur that's making messes all over the 'hood -- or else put it on a very short leash and muzzle it". -L. Reichard White, WASHINGTON TO KILL TENS OF THOUSANDS . . . OF AMERICANS

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