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19 Feb 1998                                                                                           The truth IS out there.

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from L. Reichard White

Do you like the "A-ha!" experience?

- The FBI announced the arrest of two Americans in Las Vegas, NV. Reportedly the two were developing anthrax, a biological agent which is usually fatal if ingested through the stomach, the lungs or a cut in the skin. -CNN NewsDay, 19 Feb 1998, ~12:11:40 PM EST
- Iraq, in the person of Ambassador Tariq Aziz, when asked what Iraq's plans are if attacked, and would Iraq strike neighbors such as Israel, Aziz said Iraq would only strike back at agressors, and only within Iraq's borders. -CNN Today, 02-11-98,12:28pm EST
... "What is needed is a concerted will on behalf of Arabs who have suffered the U.S.'s egregious blows for too long without an adequate response." -Edward Said, "Al-Ahram Weekly" (semi-official), Cairo, Nov. 20-26, 1997.
- Iraqi spiritual leader calls for Jihad against US & British interests world-wide if air strikes are launched against Iraq. He claims strikes would amount to an attack on Islam by Christians. This call for Jihad resonates with Iraqis, claims reporter. -CNN Today, 02-12-98, 2:08pm EST
1:58:30 Iraq update: German Journal: Arab leaders, members of the Arab Parliamentary Union, participate in a solidarity march supporting Iraq as weapons inspectors embark on 3 day Presidential Palace mapping mission. -NWI German Journal, 16 Feb 1998, ~ 5:38:19 PM EST
N+N:Reprise: Most governments and other terrorist groups no longer make the distinction between the government of the country they attack and the people living in that country. -LRW
"In its annual terrorism report issued last April, the State Department sees a trend 'toward more ruthless attacks on mass civilian targets' and the use of more powerful weapons." -"Terrorism's Next Wave," US News & World Report, Nov. 17, 1997, pg.30
- "Most worrisome to officials is the possible involvement of more established, state-sponsored terrorist organizations - such as Hezbollah - with international reach." -"Terrorism's Next Wave," US News & World Report, Nov. 17, 1997, pg.30
NEW YORK -- At this moment, militant Islamic groups labeled by the State Department as terrorsit organizations--Hezbollah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others--operate quietly within U.S. borders from New York to San Diego. ...
"Almost every one of these groups has a presence in the United States today," says John O'Neill, who headed the FBI's counter-terrorism unit until last year and now heads those efforts for the FBI in New York. "A lot of these groups now have the support infrastructure in the United States to attack us here if they choose to."
The United States--seen as the Great Satan by many Islamic radicals--has become a key part of their terrorist network. -Terrorists Strong Enough to Attack U.S., by Richard Cole, Associated Press Writer, Tulsa World, May 25. 1997
Clinton has signed on to new nuclear protocols which don't rule out a nuclear strike in retaliation for a biological attack. -CNN Impact, 12-14-97, 9:13pm EST
USA Corp. can nuke Iraq -- but what does it do to Hezbollah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas -- or two guys in Las Vegas? -LRW

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