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28 Dec 1997 The truth IS out there.

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A NEXIALIST N+E+W+S CLIPS: Unintended Consequences of Central Planning

from L. Reichard White

Do you like the "A-ha!" experience?

* Robert McNamara, often described as the chief architect and a main mover and shaker behind the Viet Nam "War", reveals in his autobiography (and tearfully admits in a news conference) that despite his public stance at the time, he believed the Viet Nam War was a mistake right from the start. -April, 1995
[17:51] Lyndon Johnson didn't believe the Warren Report [on who killed President John F. Kennedy], and didn't believe Viet Nam was worth fighting for. -CNN HLN, 10-06-97, 1:39am EST
* Lyndon Johnson's reason for NOT getting out of Viet Nam: "I will not be the first American president to lose a war." -David Brinkley, ABC's This Week, 23 Feb 1997, 11:57:38 AM EST
* Three million Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans were killed in the Viet Nam War. -David Brinkley, ABC This Week, 6 Jul 1997

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