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20 Aug 1997                                                                                           The truth IS out there.

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from L. Reichard White

Do you like the "A-ha!" experience?

Amy Grossberg [the "Prom-Queen mom"] and her lawyer Gottleib did an interview with Barbara Walters. As a result, Gottleib was barred from the case because the judge arbitrarily decided Gotleib violated the judge's gag order. In essence Gotleib was barred by a procedural back door because he presented his client in a positive light. This situation is contrasted to the difficulty of JonBennet Ramsey's parents in countering the child porn rumor illegally leaked by Boulder Colorado police. Now, if this government tactic stands, defense lawyers won't be able to counter such prejudicial state tactics. -CNN Burden of Proof, 7 July, 1997, ~12:48 PM EST
Gerry Spence: "It was called the demonization of the defandant. ... Look what they did at Waco. They turned everybody against those people at Waco. They said that they were sex fiends, and that they were child molesters, and by the time it was all over, the next morning after that fire there was a poll, and I think it was by USA TODAY, that showed that 87% of America was in favor of what the FBI did. Now here's what they [U.S. Government] did, they burned ... twenty-two, twenty-five little kids, little babies on a, as if they were on a spit, they burned those little children to death. And the American public said "That's all right," and you know why? Because [they] had been demonized, those people had been demonized. ... they do this by pre-trial publicity. They did this to Randy Weaver."
Greta Van Susteren: "In the Waco case, the little kids never got to the jury. In fact, if I accidentally backed over you, I'd be charged with manslaughter. Here with the government policy to go in there with the tanks look what happend. Kill all those children when the smart thing would have been just to wrap a fence around there, cut the water and wait. And have the children be alive." -CNN Burden Of Proof, Oct 14, 1996, 12:45 PM
"Well Jim, it is very important in a democracy that you have the support of the people. One of the reasons why [U.S. President] George [Herbert Walker] Bush had to demonize [Iraq's President] Saddam Hussein was to get the support of the people, and [U.S. President] Bill Clinton has done the same thing, Vice President Gore has done the same thing with respect to [Serbian President] Milosevic." -Raymond Tanter, Fmr. Natl. Security Council Staffer, WATCH IT!, MSNBC, 2 Apr 1999, ~11:56:45 AM EST

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