Bargain Pawn & Gun

And now you have found us!

Many of you have been looking hard to find us. After all, we worked long and hard to put together a GREAT shop and give you a GREAT experience.

You may have stopped by our old location looking for us and found it closed or that we were no longer there. But we are BACK! We moved down the street a bit, but we are now up and operating again. Stop by and see us and let us know how you are doing.

Many, many of you have become our friends and family. And, just as the business is the people, the customers are our business. And you have come to expect good, honest transactions conducted by friendly, knowledgable people. Like we have always provided for you. And we want to prove it to you again.

Stop by and see us soon. Don't accept any imitations or counterfeits. Don't fall for the stories. YOU know a good thing when you find it. And we are back, ready to be found. The big sign is up and the doors are open. We are on the west side of State St, just north of 8th North in Orem, right next to the Wendy's.

If you are curious just what happened to minuteman, very shortly we will have a page up telling you what REALLY happened. ALL of the people that made it work are with us at our new location. The friendly service and knowledgeable staff moved to 1001 N. State St. What's left at the old location isn't what we are all about. And it sure isn't what you want to experience. You deserve the BEST, and that will be found at 1001 N. State St!

And do visit our website at Bargain Pawn and Gun You will be glad you did! And so will we! always, FREE drinks on the house!


We buy, sell and loan on quality tools of all kinds, whether you need professional quality for work or just a quick repair around the house, stop by and check us out!

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Flatscreens, laptops and more of the latest electronics.

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other items

We buy, sell, trade and loan on items of value. You never know what you will find!

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why our cash loans are different!

From lower interest rates to longer loan terms, we offer terms the other pawn shops just can't!

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